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If I have this test code:

    TiXmlElement *parentElem = new TiXmlElement("ParentNode");
    TiXmlElement *newElem = new TiXmlElement("TestNode");
    TiXmlText *textElem = new TiXmlText("Test Content");

With the line commented I get output XML:

    <TestNode>Test Content</TestNode>

Uncommenting the line I get:

        <![CDATA[Test Content]]>

Now ideally it would still all be one line, but I don't really mind it putting the CDATA content nested... but the fact indentation is screwed up on the closing <TestNode> is a pain. Is this a controllable part of TinyXml, or a bug, or just the way it is?

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Looks like a bug in the output formatting if TinyXML.

It may work to use TiXmlPrinter for output instead of the TiXmlDocument output (which I assume you are using?). TiXmlPrinter uses a different print path, and may not have the same bug.

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