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I'm trying to get a simple saga working so that I can handle messages during the day, then on certain criteria, set a timeout to finish processing certain messages at midnight. I've followed a couple examples to set this up. here and here.

Here is configuration from the EndpointConfig.cs

     Kernel = new StandardKernel(
        new RepositoryModule(),
        new DeliveryModule(),
        new ConfigurationModule(),
        new NHibernateModule()

     AutoMapperConfiguration.Configure( Kernel );

     SetLoggingLibrary.Log4Net( log4net.Config.XmlConfigurator.Configure );

        .NinjectBuilder( Kernel )
           .IsTransactional( true )
           .PurgeOnStartup( false )
           .ImpersonateSender( false )

The app.config:

  <!-- Server's input queue -->

  <!-- Client's input queue -->

  <!-- Define endpoint -->
      <add Messages="FD.WorksiteServices" Endpoint="fd_publisherinput" />
      <add Messages="NServiceBus.Saga.TimeoutMessage, NServiceBus" Endpoint="timeoutmanager" />

And I have the supplied timeout manager service running. Every time the service appears to begin to respond to a message, I get the following error:

2010-10-05 16:42:39,392 [Worker.6] ERROR NServiceBus.Unicast.UnicastBus [(null)] <(null)> - SagaMessageHandler Failed handling message.
Ninject.ActivationException: Error activating ISagaPersister
More than one matching bindings are available.
Activation path:
  2) Injection of dependency ISagaPersister into property Persister of type SagaMessageHandler
  1) Request for SagaMessageHandler

  1) Ensure that you have defined a binding for ISagaPersister only once.

I can't seem to find any clue as to where to go from here. I'm not sure Ninject thinks there is more than one registered binding. That said, I'm a Ninject neophyte.

Has anyone else seen this error have some ideas on what to try?



I got this working, but I didn't answer my question. For anyone looking to at this to see Saga's work, I'll share what I did.

  1. Removed the following line from the EndpointConfig.cs


That allowed the process to run, but I then started getting a null reference exception when I called RequestTimeout.

  1. I fixed that by realizing that my Saga was injecting an IBus, which is unneeded as the base Saga already injects one.

This was started this as a message handler then the need for timeouts came into play, hence the prior need for the IBus.

Like I said, not an "answer" but it's (hopefully) something for someone.

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I'm wondering if your instance of NHibernate is conflicting with that of the NSB instance. It might be better for your to manage your own container and leave the NSB stick to NSB internals. – Adam Fyles Oct 6 '10 at 23:20
@Adam, I think you're right. As is usual, we're under a deadline and do have something working, so until it shows itself as an issue, I have to shelve it for now. The only reason we went to sagas is to setup an occasional midnight process. I appreciate the comment. – DevSolo Oct 7 '10 at 10:30

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