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Well I have created a DLL using the Article from CP. For creating this DLL aslso, I have used VS2008. Now I am not sure how can I call this DLL from another C++ application created in VS2008. When I click on Refrences>Add New Reference this is asking for the project folder not for the DLL path.

In the Code Project article , there are few steps for Adding Preproccessor and setting up the link to the lib. I am not quite sure how to go about this?

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while building or running? –  Chubsdad Oct 6 '10 at 10:50

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Are you talking about a managed DLL (.NET)? Only then you need to do the "Add New Reference" stuff.

If not: Together with your DLL a file with the extension ".lib" has been created (the import lib). Add it to your project of the calling application e.g. in the project settings: "Configuration Properties" - "Linker" - "Input" - "Additional Dependencies".

In your source code add #include "<name of the headerfile for your DLL>.h".

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