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I have downloaded some sample code for openId in Joomla 1.5. I am learning as I go with this Joomla thing and re-learning some PHP things. So I'm basically terribly new to this entire Content Manager world. I am trying to make a little plug-in for authentication with openid but it seems to be just wrong.

I have successfully debugged the project in eclipse and found that the error comes from my jimport.

class plgAuthenticationOpenId extends JPlugin{
     * OpenId Atributes.
    private static $attribute;

    private static $proxyHost;
    private static $proxyPort;
    private static $proxyUser;
    private static $proxyPassword;
    private static $appId;
    private static $appPassword;

function plgAuthenticationOpenId(& $subject, $config){
        parent::__construct($subject, $config);

         plgAuthenticationOpenId::$appId=$this->params->get('userKey', '');
         plgAuthenticationOpenId::$appPassword = $this->params->get('apiKey', '');

        define('Auth_OpenID_RAND_SOURCE', null);


        //Basic Attributes
        plgAuthenticationOpenId::$attribute = array();

        //more code messing with plgAuthenticationOpenId [...]

I have tried to put the library in the php include path, put it in the PEAR path, I have tried the required_once (it brakes there instead of in the jimport), I have tried to jimport the whole path and tried to use include directly. I have also defined the directory separator and the JPATH_BASE. Nothing seems to work.

I think this should have a very easy solution, as I have copy/pasted the code (not created it myself) and is a simple jimport. But nevertheless I’m new to this and stuck. So please, help.

Thanks a lot.

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Problem is that jimport('openid.consumer'); changed include_path

Here is a test to demonstrate it.

// I executed code below in the view to obtain output

string '.:/opt/lampp/lib/php' (length=20)
string '/opt/lampp/htdocs/promark_eblaster/libraries/openid/.:/opt/lampp/lib/php' (length=72)

As you can see the include_path changed.

You can try the following workaround.

// Remember the Original Path
$oldPath = ini_get('include_path');

// Include OpenID Stuff

// Set back the include_path so Joomla can import files with old include path
ini_set('include_path', $oldPath);

// Check if Success
JFactory::getApplication()->enqueueMessage("Hellow World");

// The rest of your code...
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Thanks for the response. But I fail to see how I can change my code to make it work. I have outputted the include_path (it's in php/PEAR inside my xampp), I have changed it in my php.ini to the Joomla library folder of the project. I have copy/pasted the openid folder to the PEAR path and it is in my Joomla library folder. Neither works. Thanks for your help! :) – Random Oct 13 '10 at 16:21
after the include path changes for the first time because of jimport('openid.cunsumer') it is not good for Joomla. Solution is simple, after jimport('openid.consumer'); and jimport('openid.Auth.OpenID.AX'); change the include path to the old path. Basically reuse the code that I posted. – Alex Oct 13 '10 at 17:36
I must apologize. I have not explained myself correctly. My problem is that when it executes the instruction jimport('openid.consumer') the code breaks. It doesn’t change my include_path because it simply fails to do anything after that instruction. – Random Oct 14 '10 at 7:35
Really weird. I tested this code, after jimport('openid.******') the regular jimport('joomla.***') crashes with many failed to open stream errors. Including openid changes your path, look at libraries/openid/consumer.php. Try wrapping the jimport('openid.***') the way I am suggesting in my workaround, it worked for me... If for some reason it does not work, try moving the jimport outside of the class (with and without include_path workaround) – Alex Oct 14 '10 at 13:01
So I have debugged a little bit more, my bad, should have done this first, and found a very looong way down. First I looked up to consuer.php witch directed me to a Consumer.php (in a required_once instruction), down this way I have gone through OpenId, PlainHTTPFetcher, HTTPFetcher and finally BigMath.php where I have this little if (@dl($module . "." . PHP_SHLIB_SUFFIX)) (line 383). – Random Oct 14 '10 at 15:15

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