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I need an example on how to read/write to an ActiveMQ queue over HTTP in C or C++ using cURL (or something else, I'm open to anything at this point). I have working code in C#, but it doesn't help. Any help is appreciated, Thank you.

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First I assume:

  • You are running activemq 5.5.0
  • You are using the default activemq configuration that enables the web-console
  • By cURL you mean libcurl and a command line example is sufficient


  • Create a queue named test, set the body to hello world.
    • Note: [clientId] this a unique string to identify your subscribe otherwise a new consumer will be created for each request see REST
    • $ curl -d 'body="Hello World"' "http://localhost:8161/demo/message/test?type=queue&clientId=consumerA"
  • Pop the message of the queue
    • $ curl -X delete "http://localhost:8161/demo/message/test?type=queue&clientId=consumerA"
    • You should see "Hello World"
  • Finally unsubscribe from the queue
    • $ curl -d 'action=unsubscribe' "http://localhost:8161/demo/message/test?type=queue&clientId=consumerA"

You should be able to monitor all of the above operations from the admin interface

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For people using more recent versions, be sure to read the linked page: as the API changed a bit (e.g. now you need /api/ and -u admin:admin). – foo Apr 6 at 2:32

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