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What's a child frame in the context of a web page ? Is it the web page opened through a hyperlink on a page, or is it some part of the web page ?

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That depends on what kind of frame you're talking about.

If you're talking about the frames that were used as page layout tools, then any of the frames inside of a frameset would be consider child frames.

    <frame src="frame1content.html" /><!-- First child frame -->
    <frame src="frame2content.html" /><!-- Second child frame -->
    <frame src="frame3content.html" /><!-- Third child frame -->

If you're talking about iframes, then the child frame is the iframe. Typically this method is used to open a page from another site and embed it on your own.

    <div>My page content!</div>
    <iframe src="http://stackoverflow.com" /><!-- Child frame -->
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Child frame would be any frame within a Frameset element. Or it may also refer to Inline Frames (Iframes)

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thanks. Can u point me to a page which uses IFrames so that I can visualize what it is and the difference between it and opening a new page. Is it used to display ads, etc. –  Daud Oct 6 '10 at 14:33

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