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I am using DataSet.ReadXML and DataSet.WriteXML to read and update an XML file. In some places I have a text column that may contain carriage return, linefeed (

When I put 
 in the input file, ReadXML works fine and I get \r\l in the column's value. However when I update with DataSet.WriteXML, the output file appears with a line break wherever I would like there to be 

Is there a way to tell the WriteXML to encode special characters that appear in values?

I have looked at XmlWriter, but don't see anything relevant.

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I pose a question in return; are the text columns encoded in CDATA sections? If so, the following may be of help:


If not, making them CDATA should help (from the above link):

Element element = xmldoc.createElement("TestElement");                                    
element.appendChild(xmldoc.createCDATASection("first line\nsecond line\n")); 

Obviously in your case you won't be building strings, but you could try putting the fields you read into to CreateCDATASection method.

Hope this helps.

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Ok - I tried it with CDATA sections in the input file. This appears to work the same as the 
 example I gave above. It reads fine, but WriteXML converts it back to a line break when writing back the XML. –  shindigo Oct 6 '10 at 14:10

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