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I have this:

   XXXXXX:   { id: sede_foo_1, culture: it, paese_indirizzo: it,
ufficio: "Ufficio di XXX 1", indirizzo: "Foo Bar FooBar" }

Now, when i prints this register the field "indirizzo":

Foo Bar FooBar

Everything is in one line.

Any way to write the value of "indirizzo" to print directly in my web page something like this below?



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You could try embedding \n in your string, and see whether they make it into the database. You could also try block literals by starting the string with a | character, which allows you to span multiple lines, but that might break the generated insert clause.

Then, to convert your newlines to <br/> tags, use nl2br() when you display the string, otherwise the linebreaks in the HTML source will just be ignored.

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