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I have a scenario where I have a web application hosted externally (ie: the webserver is not a member of my internal active directory domain).

I would like to authenticate users of the web app using their active directory credentials.

Is there a product or some setup I can use to accomplish this?

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The most brain dead thing that I can think of is have my web app call to a service that sits on a domain machine and uses a System.DirectoryServices example... to sent back an authentication token. Is there a better way(ie off the shelf, or...)? –  user28636 Dec 22 '08 at 20:51

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Generally this is achieved by authenticating to the AD server with LDAP. I'd recommend using LDAP+SSL to keep the passwords from going out in plaintext, and other than that you should be fine - as long as there aren't any firewalls in the way.

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