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I have an Image object in J2ME and I'd like to enconde it to GIF. I've already found a JPEG and PNG encoder as well, but I'm wondering if it's possible to encode my Image in the GIF format, returning it's byte array.

I'm doing something like this:


  Image img = Image.createImage(width, height);
    Graphics graphics = img.getGraphics();
//do some drawing stuff here

And finally I have an Image object.

Now I'd like to encode it to GIF like:

 byte[] gifBytes = GIFEncoder.encode(img);

Where can I find one?


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See J2ME Animated GIF encoder,


Usage is quite straightforward, and it requires these steps:

  • Instantiate your AnimatedGifEncoder object
  • Start it, by passing an OutputStream as argument (e.g.: a ByteArrayOutputStream)
  • Add your Image objects by using addFrame() method
  • Finalize it by calling finish()
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That's the only I've found. Thanks. –  Eduardo Abreu Oct 7 '10 at 17:31

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