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What is the code-snippet or short cut to create a constructor in Visual Studio?

Visual Studio 2010 and C#.

I've used before but I can't remember.

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Type "ctor" and hit TAB, this will create the default constructor for the class you are in

public MyClass()


On your previous question someone gave an answer where you can see all the code-snippets.

UPDATE It seems that in some cases you will have to press TAB twice. Thanks @ho1.

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Minor correction, I think you need to hit Tab twice. – Hans Olsson Oct 6 '10 at 14:47
@ho1: it works if you press tab once. – Amra Oct 6 '10 at 14:49
Not for me (typing ctor only shows the intellisense box, then I have to type Tab once to close that and once to "use" the snippet), but might be some setting somewhere... – Hans Olsson Oct 6 '10 at 16:02
In addition to this technique. If you make use of the class with a specific signature, you can refactor to get visual studio to generate the constructor for you. Also if this is a default constructor and you are not doing anything with it, then it is assumed to be there by default. – James Jul 15 '12 at 10:49
Once or twice is a setting thing. I had this issue with a 1-letter-snippet and changed some (IntelliSense) settings to make 1 Tab work. ctor works for me with 1 hit though. – Bitterblue Mar 3 '14 at 7:54

type ctor and tab but Is there any short cut key to have base class constructor

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type ctor and then press TAB twice.

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Simply type ctor then press TAB.

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In VS2010, if you type "ctor" (without the quotes), Intellisense should load showing you "ctor" in the list. Now press TAB twice and you should have generated an empty constructor.

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Type ctor and then Press Tab Key

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Don't know about VS 2010 but in 2008 the code snippet is 'ctor'

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It is the same for vs-2008 and vs-2008, and I think is also the same for vs-2005 but not 100% sure. – Amra Oct 6 '10 at 14:48

Type the name of any code snippet and press TAB.

To get code for properties you need to choose correct option and press TAB twice because VS has more then one option which start with prop like 'prop', 'propa', 'propdp'.

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If you want to see the list of all available snippet:

  • Press CTRL+K and then X
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For the full list of snippets (little bits of prefabricated code) press Ctrl+K and then Ctrl+X. Source from MSDN. Works in Visual Studio 2013 with a C# project.

So how to make a constructor

  1. Press Ctrl+K and then Ctrl+X
  2. Select Visual C#
  3. Select ctor
  4. Press Tab

Update: You can also right-click in your code where you want the snippet, and select Insert Snippet from the right-click menu

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