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I have am running Hudson on Ubuntu in a VM, and had a couple of jobs configured.

I have just installed the latest updates through Ubuntu's update manager, which included a new version of Hudson.

However, after rebooting and viewing Hudson, it appears that my jobs have been lost - they don't show up in the Hudson UI, and I can't find them on disk either (they were in /var/lib/hudson/jobs).

Any idea if these are recoverable?

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Look at your backups. -- I guess the Ubuntu update manager conveniently deleted the old installation and replaced it with the new one. –  Peter Schuetze Oct 7 '10 at 13:49

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Under where Hudson is installed, there should be a directory called WEB-INF. In that, there is a file called web.xml

Edit that. Look for HUDSON_HOME. Change the value to point to wherever it is you had your HUDSON HOME directory (where your workspace is, etc).

You should have your jobs back. I face this issue every time I upgrade, but in my case it is caused by the fact that I use Tomcat.

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This happpened to us on CentOS. The culprit was installing an upgrade which moved everything to /var/lib/jenkins but didn't kill the old Hudson process.

Without notifying anyone, of course.

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