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I have a VPS server at and requires that I use "Smart Relay". I cant seem to wrap my head around how I setup php to be able to use mail relay.

Here is an article they have on Smart Relay:

The server is using cpanel and exim

I sent the following support ticket:

How do I configure the server to send mail using php. I am writting a script that will send the users passwsord usigng PHPs mail function. However the emails sent are never delivered. Does this have to do with "smart relay"? Any guide on how to configure this?

Response was:

While we do not provide scripting support of any kind, if you simply ensure the smart host is hard coded in your script (no authentication is necessary) the email should be forwarded accordingly.

If your script uses the server's SMTP server to send out email, you'll have to ensure the MTA is configured to use the smart host


Could anyone please clarify what I need to do in order to fix this?

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I got the answer on ServerFault see for details.

In short, I needed to change the default generic hostname and apply the route relay

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