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I have to simulate an array as if it was returned from Net::DBI fetchall_arrayref function.

Lets say that the SQL query is something like "SELECT data1,data2,data3 from table1 "

I have an XML file as


I read this XML file using XML::Simple to get a complete data array like:

$VAR1 = {
          'type1' => [
                       'data2' => 'b',
                       'data3' => 'c',
                       'data1' => 'a'
                       'data2' => 'db',
                       'data3' => 'dc',
                       'data1' => 'da'

How do I get this array to a form which will be same as the one returned by fetchall_array_ref?

I am doing something like this:

#REad from testin.xml file
$data = $xml->XMLin('testin.xml');

@testdata = $data->{type1};

$i = 0;
foreach $e (@{$data->{type1}})
        $simulate_data[$i++] = \$e;

Please help.

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fetchall_arrayref() returns a reference to an array that contains one reference per row. You want to turn each set of values in the hash reference into an array reference. This should work:

my $arr_ref;
foreach my $hashref ( @{$data->{'type1'}} ) {
  push @$arr_ref, [ sort values %$hashref ];

This gives me the following (via Data::Dumper):

$VAR1 = [

(Aside: Please always put use strict; in your programs.)

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