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Hey there, everyone. A really random question, but I'm looking to get into some GUI programming with Python, specifically with the PyGTK library. I've only ever done GUI programming with Java/Swing, and I'd like to do some independent, personal projects in Python as a way of learning my way around the language, since it's been something that I've wanted to do for a really long time now, and haven't been able to find time for! But I digress...

I'm a fan of the Ribbon Interface introduced by Microsoft. I know that Microsoft introduced recently a library for .NET allowing users to build programs utilizing Ribbon. While I don't really want to learn IronPython yet, it's still an option for the future. These projects would be build on Linux, specifically Ubuntu, if that makes a difference.

So, finally, my question is this: Is there a library or reference point anywhere that can show me how to build a Ribbon GUI interface? Thank you for all of the advice!

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