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I have this code that is supposed to generate HTML file for google AdSense then navigate through it using the WebBroswerControl in a windows forms application the weird thing is that it produces one link with totally no formatting when it is run through the application.

However, if I double click directly on the produced file, it gives the required result. What could be the problem?

here is my code

         string HTML =
            <script type=""text/javascript"">
            google_ad_client = ""pub-7950118917489847"";
            google_ad_width = 234;
            google_ad_height = 60;
            google_ad_format = ""234x60_as"";

            google_ad_type = ""text"";
            google_ad_channel = ""your_ad_channel"";
            google_color_border = ""FFFFFF"";
            google_color_bg = ""FFFFFF"";
            google_color_link = ""0000FF"";
            google_color_text = ""000000"";
            google_color_url = ""008000"";

            google_language = 'en';
            </script><script type=""text/javascript"" src=""""></script>


        string adsenseFile1 = Environment.CurrentDirectory + "\\adsense1.html";
        using (StreamWriter writer = new StreamWriter(adsenseFile1))
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WebBrowser control sends a bit different headers, try to investigate.

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