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I have a page with several sections of significantly varying length within a jQuery UI Accordion. If I open a new section (which collapses one of the longer sections above), I'm left at the bottom of the page. Because the sections are of significantly different heights, I can't use the autoheight feature without it looking very strange. Is there any way to use something like scrollto to automatically go to the top of the section I've just expanded?

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You can bind a function to the accordionchange event and use jQuery scrollTop():


$(function () {
        autoHeight: false,
        header: "h3"

    $('#accordion').bind('accordionchange', function (event, ui) {


<div id="accordion">
    <div id="accordion-one">
        <h3><a href="#">First</a></h3>
        <div>Some lengthy text</div>
    <div id="accordion-two">
        <h3><a href="#">Second</a></h3>
        <div>Less lengthy text</div>
    <div id="accordion-three">
        <h3><a href="#">Third</a></h3>
        <div>Other text</div>

I tested this in FF8.


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