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I have this code

    // execute, and log the result to curl_put.log
    $result = curl_exec($curl);

    $error = curl_error($curl);

The error specified is

SSL read: error:00000000:lib(0):func(0):reason(0), errno 104

Any ideas on the cause

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is this not the same question? stackoverflow.com/questions/3875674/… –  Phill Pafford Oct 6 '10 at 20:26
not even close... –  Trace Oct 6 '10 at 20:28

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With SSL, make sure that you have openssl extension turned on from php.ini.

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I encountered a similar cryptic error while working with a third-party library. I tried the CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFY[PEER|HOST] but it made no difference. My error message was similar:

SSL read: error:00000000:lib(0):func(0):reason(0), errno 54

So I visited http://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/libcurl-errors.html, looking for the error code 54.

CURLE_SSL_ENGINE_SETFAILED (54) Failed setting the selected SSL crypto engine as default!

This was wrong though - I was making other HTTPS requests using curl in other parts of the application. So I kept digging and found this question, R & RCurl: Error 54 in libcurl, which had this gem:

The output you see is from lib/ssluse.c in libcurl's source code and the "errno" mentioned there is not the libcurl error code but the actual errno variable at that time.

So, don't let the output of curl_error() mislead you. Instead, use curl_errno() to obtain the correct error code, which in this case was actually 56, CURLE_RECV_ERROR. Had the wrong host name...

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add this:

curl_setopt( $curl, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST, 0);

I had the same error and worked fine for me.

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why use HTTPS at all if verify is off? –  barius Feb 21 '14 at 8:36
if you trust the channel, you can disregard the flag verify host, the encryption works, but you dont need to check the cert –  jipipayo Feb 21 '14 at 9:18
This just makes the connection vulnerable to MITM attacks (see this). –  Bruno Nov 21 '14 at 11:21
no if you are using this curl to get data from your own network, read unencrypted data do not implies attack, sometimes you dont need to encrypt this data. –  jipipayo Feb 5 at 15:01

I had the same error printed by the function curl_error but this is not necessarily related to SSL. It is better to print the precise error number with the function curl_errno and you can diagnose better from there. In my case it returned me a 52 error code and I could debug from there, in fact the other server was not sending any data.

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