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I'm using the Google Eclipse Plugin for GWT development. To do the configuration stuff there's a folder .settings with two files and These files are a kind of propertie-files.

Now I'm trying to set two different directories for source and output files. But I can't find any documentation about these files.

What I got till now is this.


But using this, at compilationtime it opens a filechooser-Dialog on myoutputdirectory every time, waiting for confirmation.

So I ask, is there a solution to setup a different outputdirectory or does anybody know where I can find more Information about the usage of these setting-files.

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My version of that file has an absolute path to the lastWarOutDir.

Maybe it keeps prompting you because it can't find myoutputdirectory (or maybe you just changed it for privacy's sake here).

In any case, if you right-click on the project > Run As > Run Configurations, go to the (x)= Arguments tab and you will see the -war argument containing the value of lastWarOutDir.

If you want to be prompted so that you can change the directory, you could delete all of the arguments, forcing the Google plugin to reconfigure.

I hope that helps. If not, please let us know what you really want to do here.

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Maybe I misunderstand your problem. But why don't you just tell the GWT compiler where to output the files using the -war (-workDir, -gen and -extra) command line option? Same thing works for the GWT development mode...

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