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Been using FancyBox to display a swf player. What I would like to do is have an if statement that, when false adds the flash vars to 'swf': {...}, which I have working. And when true displays some inline markup.

if (true) {
        'type': inline
        //can I ref markup here???
} else {
        'href' : somepath,
        'type': 'swf',
        'swf': {..}

Would someone be able to advise on how I can either reference the markup using the approach above. Or if I can even add dynamic html here, which would be a nicer approach.

Thanks in advance


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Solved this.

I needed to use the key content, which forces FancyBox to load the html content:

  var content = $('#someHtml').html();
      'content': content,
      'padding' : 20
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Wish I could +2! –  statue Jan 30 '14 at 17:30

and how to get open window fancybox my desired size? Well, I have a few blanks and I want each window had its own size. It is possible to implement with the keys?

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