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My website current is in C# .NET 3.5. So the main structure of the website is like so:

A Master Page has a menu bar using jquery up top and below that, a ContentPlaceHolder encapsulated with an Update Panel so the content in the ContentPlaceHolder can update without the whole page flashing. Depending on the page you go to and the 'mode' you're in, a specific page will load. So, for example, if you are on the Item page and you are in the creation mode, your address would look like:


Ok, so the page in question, I have 3 drop downs which are populated during the page load event, 3 correlation controls (which link other objects to this new object as it is going to be a sql database record), and an 'approval' control which are 3 dropdowns that populate via a WebMethod called by javascript. By the way, the three correlation controls have drop downs that are populated at page load, and are cascading drop downs.

When I do anything on this page, click the submit button, add a correlation in the list (the correlation are gridviews so when i 'add' an item, I select what I want from a drop down and click an add button on the same row which appends the selected item onto the gridview in that control), I get a Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerParserErrorException only in Internet Explorer, not in FF.

I have enableEventValidation="false" which doesnt work and also have tried smartNavigation="false" and validateRequest="false" and they don't work as well. I have commented out all the Validation controls on the page and that doesn't work either. The weird part? There are obviously many other pages that perform very similar to this page, and its only this one that is an issue. I'm relatively new to web development and the guy who I worked with on this site left so I can't ask him. So I have read that article at:


No Response.Write No Output Caching No Response Filters No Trace No Http Module No Server.Transfer

I tried the Fiddler program but I didn't see anything weird,(then again, I'm not exactly sure on how to use this program). Any help or direction on where to look or what to try would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

EDIT: When I turn off the UpdatePanel, everything works fine. I may want to stick with that for a temporary solution but again, that's not a good long term solution.

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What is different between this page and the other similar pages? –  Tahbaza Oct 9 '10 at 16:56
Nothing really, there is another similar page with a lot of correlation controls and drop downs but that one works fine. I'm stumped with this. –  dangerisgo Oct 13 '10 at 15:19

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