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I have the same issue. This command:

./ > ../log/scriptlog.log

requires the output of a command go to std out. but inside the script

command | mailx -s "Subject" recipient@somedomain.tld

what I would like to do is something like :

command | tee > /dev/stdout | mailx -s "Subject" recipient@somedomain.tld

Where the output of the command goes to stdout( to be redirected into the ..log/scriptlog.log file )

and also into stdin for the mailx command.

Any way to do that?

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tee already sends to stdout.

... | tee -a log/scriptlog.log | ...
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exec 3>&1
command | tee /dev/fd/3 | mailx ...

or, using process substitution:

command | tee >(mailx ...)
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I'll try process substitution. To clarifily, I have a cron'd shell script . The cron entry is similar to: /usr/script/ > /usr/log/myscript.log

inside the script is a line similar to: command | mailx -s "Subject" recipient

Since stdout from 'command' is being piped into the mailx command, it does appear in the log file 'myscript.log', but I want it to.

I tried capturing it into a variable but the line feeds appear to be lost that way. I could use a temporary file, but I was hoping for something more elegant.

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