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I would like to filter the rows of a DataTable and then perform a LINQ query on the resulting set of rows. The second query currently operates on a DataTable.AsEnumerable. The DataTable.Select method returns an array of DataRows. Is there anyway to perform a LINQ query on these, or convert a the array of DataRows to a DataTable, so I can chain the results of the filter into the linq query?

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Is the LINQ query done immediately after the Select? Can you combine them into a single LINQ query? – Jeff Ogata Oct 7 '10 at 2:48

While you can convert the resultant array of DataRow objects to a new DataTable, your best bet is to simply perform your LINQ query against the DataRow array. For example:

var queryReturn = from r in myDataRows 
                  where (int)r["IDColumn"] == 1
                  select r;
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