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I'm using will_paginate (3.0.pre2) with rails 3.0.0.rc. The first page pulls up fine but when I go to page 2, it returns nothing because the query for page 2 is not being set correctly by will_paginate.


page = params['page'].blank? ? 1 : params['page']
@posts = Post.paginate_by_sql (['select * from Foo_Table where ids = ?', params[:ids]], :page=>page, :per_page=>50)
@pag_params = {:ids=>params[:ids]}


<%= will_paginate @posts, :params=>@pag_params %>

Link to page 2 is:


Logs show the where clause show an incorrect (ids = 'search') when it should be (ids = '1')

SELECT * FROM `Foo_Table` WHERE (ids = 'search')

What am I missing so that the query for page 2 can be corrected?

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Talked to the developer of of will_paginate and found out that the best way to attack this is by using scoped_by_column_name(...column_value...).paginate(...conditions...)

Hope this helps someone. :)

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