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I need to get the bitmap fonts of all computer systems (like that with BASIC, handhelds, etc.) as C data arrays or raw bitmap files. More fonts, the better. I would need a site with the files or a way to extract them from the memory of an emulator.

I need much help, Please!

I need the links of the sites with the fonts or lessons on how extract the raw bitmap from the ROM while the emulator is running (maybe with BASIC program listings)?

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You ask and we deliver. bit.ly/cT2Ad9. Just download the image with all the letters. Make sure to get A through Z. Use Microsoft Paint and copy them into a C file. –  jojaba Oct 7 '10 at 4:41
I were looking for secure sites and raw files. Thanks! ;) –  Leandro Jardim Oct 14 '10 at 23:31

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