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I'm working on an NPAPI plugin on Linux and have run into several issues with Google Chrome (albeit it works perfectly on Firefox).

Firstly, the plugin execution would hang and after a long harrowing time I figured out that the call to NPN_Evaluate hangs when the last parameter (for the returned result) is NULL. It works on Firefox fine. The solution was to pass the address of an NPVariant type variable as the parameter and just ignore the value.

After that the plugin loads fine but I'm stuck with this error message: [8886:8886:195170759489:ERROR:webkit/glue/plugins/] Not implemented reached in bool WebPluginDelegateImpl::WindowedCreatePlugin() windowed plugin but without xembed. See

Any ideas on how I could get this plugin working?

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You need to use XEmbed in your plugin to work with Chrome. Docs here:

FireBreath uses this method:

it is open source (BSD license), so you could either use it with your plugin or you could shamelessly "borrow" the code for xembed.

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Thanks for the reply... Already figured out that XEmbed solves the problem :) ... what I'm doing now is very simple... When the browser queries the plugin to check if it supports XEmbed, I'm returning TRUE. And that solves it! –  themoondothshine Oct 27 '10 at 6:22

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