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I am using MFC, to develop a Mobile App. For one of the CEdit controls, in the dialog box, I declared a variable as long int as follows.

DDV_MinMaxUInt(pDX, m_txtCurrentValue, 1, 2000);

So whenever, I try to close the dialog box with invalid values (integers that is not in the range specified or which are alphabetic characters.) it throws a message and focuses that particular control.( Done automatically)

Now my question is that, I have a button and when ever this button is clicked, how can the same validation, functionality be called?

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You can call these routines yourself. I did this many years ago.

This link may help:

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Something like this:

// ...
DDX_Text(pDX, IDC_MY_EDIT, m_MyValue);

if (m_MyValue > 100)
    pDX->Fail(); // throws an exception, aborts the data exchange
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