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I am using Jquery valdiation plugin for validating the form at client side. But I want to do the validation like.

<input type="text" id="txtInf" regex="/some regular expression/" error="Inf is mandatory"></inf>

here regex and error are custom attributes. Field will be validated against the given regular expression in regex and if the regular expression text fails then error meessage should be shown.

I tried to add a method to validator like this.

 $("*[regex]").each(function () {

            $.validator.addMethod($(this).attr('id'), function () {
                return this.optional($(this)) || $(this).attr('regex').test($(this).text());
            }, $(this).attr('error'));


But there is some issue, with the approach. Please let me know, if I am thinking it right. If there is some other approach in your mind, please let me know. Any thought process is welcomed.

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I haven't used that plugin, but it looks like you'll get an error from the use of test().


should be

var regEx = new RegExp($(this).attr('regex'));
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