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int main(void)
    int i=1,j=-1;
    return 0;

As printf() returns the number of characters successfully printed, the condition will be if(1<1) which is false but the if part is executed and the output is 1 -1 1. Why this is happening?

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I think it is rather obvious: '1' is one character, '-1' is two. One is less than two.

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printf returns the number of characters (not just digits) written.

So printf("%d",-1) will return 2 not 1

Similarly printf("%d",1) will return 1

Making the condition in the if true.

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Because printing j prints "-1", that's two characters. so 1<2 is true.

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thnx ..I got it.I was little bit confused..so thnx for the answer. –  Parikshit Oct 7 '10 at 7:01

For -1 number of characters printed is 2 hence if condition is satisfied.

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