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I have a class that extends JFrame to make orders. in the middle I have a button that opens a new window that is used to find an article.

What I need is: When I click btnNewArticle, after searching new article, and confirm in new window, I will get as return article code.

Click btnNewArticle --> (open new window to find an article) --> confirm selection -->as return I get Article Code.

Is it possible?


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check aioobe's answer, It is better –  Jigar Joshi Oct 7 '10 at 7:41

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For me this principle has worked:

public class ArticleSearchDialog extends JDialog {

    public static ArticleId execute(Frame parent) {
        ArticleSearchDialog dialog = new ArticleSearchDialog(parent, true);
        return dialog.getSelectedArticle();

    private ArticleId getSelectedArticle() {
        return selectedArticle;

    private void jbCancelActionPerformed(ActionEvent evt) {
        selectedArticle = null;

    private void jbOkActionPerformed(ActionEvent evt) {
        selectedArticle = ...; //TODO 

    // All the rest of the dialog code.

Then the call gets really easy:

ArticleId articleId = ArticleSearchDialog.execute(this);
if (articleId != null) {
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Have a look at Java dialogs: How to Make Dialogs.

In the above tutorial, they explain how to do custom dialogs such as the one below:

They handle return-values by giving the child-dialog a reference to it's parent dialog, in which it fills in the relevant values upon closing.

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to be honest i am lost. in OrdersFrame i have: protected void newArticle_actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) { new NewArticle(); } and in NewArticle: protected void saveArticle_actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) { //code to do this.dispose(); } i realy dont know what to do to get ArticleCode on return. and from Java Dialogs example i dont understand much HELP –  gerpaick Oct 7 '10 at 7:56
Give the OrdersFrame a reference to the "parent" dialog, that is, the GUI that spawns the OrdersFrame. In code to do this.dispose() you do something like parent.setChosenArticleCode(codeFromDialog). –  aioobe Oct 7 '10 at 7:58
can you check whats wrong with my code? i sent CodeTidy.com/217 (what is Orders..) and on line 260 there is a NuovaRiga method. CodeTidy.com/218 (NuovaRiga) and on line 199 there is Save() action.... –  gerpaick Oct 7 '10 at 8:23

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