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How can I select a few elements in the QML ListView and send its indices to C++ code?

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I am pretty sure there is no way to make a QML ListView multi-selectable. Qt Declarative is focused on touch screen use and there is no meaningful way to multiselect in a pure touch UI.

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Of course you are free to implement a delegate that provides a mechanism to select and deselect individual items freely, but it's up to you to implement all the required concepts. –  teukkam Oct 11 '10 at 11:55

Do something like that: if an element is clicked, set its property selected (or however you call it), and set in delegate that if selected is true, then it should be formatted differently. Plus add it to some list, to work with it.

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You may try to get the ListItem's data and store it to an array on odd click and remove the ListItem's data from the array on even click. May be a simple workout, instead of creating a list of check box like items.

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