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I wonder if all Heroku addons - that are currently working for Rails - will work for Node.js once the support is there?

And what is the ETA for the launch of Node.js support?

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Several addons currently require specific ruby gems to be installed so I think Node.js will have its own separate set of addons.

As for launch, to my knowledge there is no ETA yet.

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Whether or not an addon will work with node is going to specific to the addon itself, probably whether the addon requires a Ruby lib to work.

I'm currently using Loggly, RedisToGo, Mongolab, and RabbitMQ via Addons all with node.

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It is supported by CEDAR stack on heroku

All you have to do is put into .gitignore node_modules directory and create Procfile eg.

web: node web.js

This is just a command to startup your application.

Important thing is that you should layout your app as node_module i wrote a blog post about it So you can look it up.

url explaining how to deploy is here:

Have fun!

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