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I have an integer output from a private controller action that I would like to store 'encrypted' in my database. What methods would you use to codify this integer such that I can retrieve up to ~200 of these numbers easily and quickly to be served in a view to the right user?

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Have a look at

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You want to use a SHA1 hash? Or a flagmap? Or what is 'encrypted' exactly?

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I'm new to this so I regret I don't yet know what SHA1 hash or flagmap means :). I would like to mask the numbers' true identity in the system, so that the only way to retrieve the data in a meaningful way is to be in possession of the controller method. This method performs calculations and outputs a decimal from ~0-15, which I would then like to translate into 'meaningless' data for the database. – sscirrus Oct 7 '10 at 9:22

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