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I have the following CTE SQL

WITH Tasks AS (
    SELECT     TaskID, ParentTaskID, CAST(SortKey AS nChar) AS sort_key
               /*,cast(SortKey as char) as sort_key */
      FROM     oaTasks AS s
      WHERE    (TaskID = 1)
      SELECT   s2.TaskID, s2.ParentTaskID
               ,Cast( '0.'+ cast(Tasks_2.sort_key as NCHAR)
                 + '0.' + cast(s2.SortKey as NCHAR) as NCHAR) AS sort_key
               /*,cast(Tasks_2.sort_key +'.'+ cast(s2.SortKey as char) as char)*/
      FROM     oaTasks AS s2
      INNER JOIN Tasks AS Tasks_2
         ON Tasks_2.TaskID = s2.ParentTaskID
SELECT  Tasks_1.TaskID, oaTasks.Task, oaTasks.ParentTaskID
        , oaTasks.SortKey,Tasks_1.sort_key
  FROM  Tasks AS Tasks_1
  INNER JOIN oaTasks ON Tasks_1.TaskID = oaTasks.TaskID

In sort_key column I am not getting the desired format which should be like 01, 01.01, 01.01.01 etc. but I'm getting 1, 0.1, 0.1.1. Any suggestion?

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try RIGHT like select RIGHT('00',1,2) gives 01

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i changed CAST(SortKey AS nChar) to right('0.',SortKey ) and Cast( '0.'+ cast(Tasks_2.sort_key as NCHAR) + '0.' + cast(s2.SortKey as NCHAR) as NCHAR) AS sort_key to right( '0.', Tasks_2.sort_key ) + right('0.' , s2.SortKey) AS sort_key but i am getting error "Types don't match between the anchor and the recursive part in column "sort_key" of recursive query "Tasks". " – Tassadaque Oct 7 '10 at 10:00
right takes 3 parameters as ist is the appended text, 2nd is actual value and 3 is total length. right('0.',SortKey ) missing 3rd one. try modify ur query accordingly – Harendra Oct 7 '10 at 10:35
right('0.',SortKey,2 ) gives following error "The right function requires 2 argument(s)." – Tassadaque Oct 7 '10 at 10:45
yupp!! mistake...split ur string by . like SELECT RIGHT ('00'+ CAST (1 AS varchar), 2)+ '.'+ right('00'+ cast(1 as varchar),2) it will return 01.01 – Harendra Oct 7 '10 at 10:59
thanks for ur help through some modification it is running but for the third level instead of showing 01.01.01 it is showing 01.01 modified line is cast(RIGHT ('00'+ CAST (Tasks_2.sort_key AS varchar), 2)+ '.'+ right('00'+ cast(s2.SortKey as varchar),2) as nvarchar) AS sort_key – Tassadaque Oct 7 '10 at 11:20

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