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i'm new for web application, previously I did mobile app, now start doing web app, I'm intermediate for java,jsp,servlet, and plan to learn hibernate, spring, struts, ejb, which one i should learn first and where to start, bit confusing

thanks in advance

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Start with servlets and JSPs using only JSTL (no scriptlet code). You'll go a long way with just those.

What you really have to master on the front end is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (preferrably with jQuery).

Struts isn't worth the time.

Prefer JDBC to Hibernate. You don't need ORM right off the bat.

You should make a choice between Spring and EJB 3.1. My preference is Spring. You can defer that choice until you have some experience.

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+1 to include JavaScript and CSS. –  Adeel Ansari Oct 7 '10 at 9:58

In this area (programming) there is no recipe for success regarding the technologies you learn, or the order you are learning them .

If you already know Java you can start using Hibernate . Contrary to the popular belief, you can learn Hibernate by writing simple desktop applications . A good book for this topic is "Hibernate In Action" .

The classical Struts is a little unpopular these days . The big hype is Spring in this area .

My opinion: You can go with Spring + Hibernate, as they work pretty good together . But as I said, there is no recipe when you learn new things...

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