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I have an Adobe Air Application opening a Window from menu tray. The html content have a javascript code doing alert(window.nativeWindow) on load.

  • It works fine with an embeded html static file
  • It do not works with a JSP called file

I have correctly included AIRAliases.js. Is there restriction about nativeWindow ?

My goal is to:

  • Open a JSP file with a Form
  • Submitting the Form to itself
  • If ok, hiding the nativeWindow

But it seems nativeWindow is undefined. And window.close() did nothing

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Well in fact it is a SandBox security restrcition.

  • An HTML code from an other domain can't execute AIR script (eg closing window)
  • All turn around are disable (eval(), onclick=, ...)

The only way to do so is to:

  • Put an IFrame with bridge parameters
  • Put an XML file granting more security right to Adobe application

There is a full explanation in the security chapter of AdobeAIR API

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