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Morning all, I am writing a bash script to extract the values of certain XML tags from all files in a given directory. I have decided to do this by tokenising each line and returning th4e relavent token. The problem is that it isn't tokenising correctly and I can't quite work out why. Here is the smallest example that I could make that reconstructs the issue

for file in `ls $MY_DIRECTORY`
    for line in `cat $MY_DIRECTORY/$file`

        TOKENS=( $line )
        echo "Token 0: ${TOKENS[0]}" 
        echo "Token 1: ${TOKENS[1]}" 
        echo "Token 2: ${TOKENS[2]}" 
        echo "Token 3: ${TOKENS[3]}" 


I'm guessing the issue is to do with my fiddling with IFS inside a loop which itself uses IFS (i.e. the cat operation), but this has never been a problem before.
Any ideas?

Thanks, Rik

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Please give asn example line from the file and descrivbe how the output is incorrect –  Paul Oct 7 '10 at 11:20
Many beginner mistakes (for i in $(ls), UUOC...) here. See bash pitfalls. –  Benoit Oct 7 '10 at 11:49

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Use a better tool to parse xml, ideally it should be a parser, but if your requirement is simple and you know how your xml is structured, simple string manipulation might suffice. For example, xml file and you want to get value of tag3

$  cat file
<tag1>value1 </tag1>
<tag2>value2 </tag2>

$ awk -vRS="</tag3>" '/tag2/{ gsub(/.*tag3>/,"");print}' file

so to iterate over your directory

for file in *.xml
  value="$(awk -vRS="</tag3>" '/tag2/{ gsub(/.*tag3>/,"");print}' "$file" )"
  echo "$value"
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I took the liberty to put quotes in your answer, hope you won't be offended. –  Benoit Oct 7 '10 at 14:11
thanks but it doesn't matter, since you can always put quotes later on for "value" –  ghostdog74 Oct 7 '10 at 14:22

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