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So far I've only tried Hunchentoot and heard about AllegroServe, ABCLweb, though I wouldn't know how they compare in performance. I was wondering, what is currently the best option for deploying a Common Lisp web app in a production environment?

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There is a pretty decent listing at CLiki of web-related Common Lisp software.

Scanning the list, here's the web servers they have listed (links go to the CLiki description page) which seem to be reasonably complete servers:

There are a couple of other options which are self-described as minimal or experimental, or implemented in CLISP rather than Common Lisp.

I am not a Lisp programmer, so I can't speak to the effectiveness of any of them, but from gathering this information, Hunchentoot seems to be the most popular currently.

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CL-HTTP is a full-featured HTTP server with a history that goes back to the early days of the web. Here is a CL-HTTP primer.

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