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At work I use Windows Server 2008. At home, I just got a openSUSE laptop. Is there an RDP client I can use?

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rdesktop and tsclient both work well in my experience on Red Hat and Ubuntu. I expect that either or both would be available for SuSe. I use a little shell script to access windows over RDP:



/usr/bin/rdesktop -g 1152x864 \
-a 16 \
-u windowsusername \
-d windowsdomain \
-r sound:local \
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You could use VNC. The VNC server can be installed on your Windows box and the VNC client installed on your Linux laptop. VNC is free and very good, I tend to use it in preference to Remote Desktop.

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It is completely correct. But someone didn't like it. Go ask them. :-) I liked it. –  Warren P Feb 9 '12 at 0:05

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