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I'm using a TextContext property to access the current row in an Excel file. The test is repeated for all rows. Is it possible to access all rows in a single step? Rows are related, hence for me one sheet should be a complete run.

Edit: I add some code as requested:

int result = this.TextContext.Rows[0]["GlobalResult"];
foreach(var row in this.TestContext.Rows.Skip(1))
    componentToTest.Eval(Convert.ToInt32(row["A"]), Convert.ToInt32(row["B"]));
Assert.AreEqual(result, componentToTest.Result);

And the file would appear like this:

GlobalResult, A, B 100, null, null null, 1, 5 null, 3, 6 ... and so on

Thank you very much

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It might be helpful if you could post some code? –  Kane Oct 7 '10 at 12:06

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Instead of using data driven tests, why don't you just read the Excel file and iterate through the rows? Take a look at this SO question on how to read an Excel file's contents. You can then iterate through the rows in a test without having to use MSTest data driven attributes.

Cheers. Jas.

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