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Does someone have a good idea/solution how to achieve this?

Situation is: I have the tables 'releases' and 'ntags', related via 'releases_ntags' (containing 'release_id' and 'ntag_id')

And I would like to fetch results for releases via the ntag's 'slug'.

I manage to have this semi-working:


FROM releases r
LEFT JOIN ntags_releases rt ON rt.release_id =
JOIN ntags nt ON = rt.ntag_id
AND ( = ('TAG_1') OR = ('TAG_2'))

So far so good, but this gives me all releases with "TAG_1" PLUS all releases with "TAG_2" (and off course those with both tags).

But what I need is to only get the intersection of the tags, say:

"releases with 'TAG_1' AND 'TAG_2'"

So i tried with:

AND ( = ('TAG_1') AND = ('TAG_2'))

But this leads in an empty result. Does anyone have an idea how to achieve this? Don't know how to go further on this and would really appreciate some input!


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You can demand that two distinct ntags are present in the having clause:

FROM    releases r
JOIN    ntags_releases rt
ON      rt.release_id =
JOIN    ntags nt
ON = rt.ntag_id
WHERE in ('TAG_1', 'TAG_2')
        COUNT(distinct = 2
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Ah thx a lot! Nice idea! Works perfect so far :) – ohrstrom Oct 7 '10 at 13:41

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