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Hi I need a procedure that convert string time to int. Which support all this formats under unix:

 "Wed, 09 Feb 1994 22:23:32 GMT"       -- HTTP format
 "Thu Feb  3 17:03:55 GMT 1994"        -- ctime(3) format
 "Thu Feb  3 00:00:00 1994",           -- ANSI C asctime() format
 "Tuesday, 08-Feb-94 14:15:29 GMT"     -- old rfc850 HTTP format
 "Tuesday, 08-Feb-1994 14:15:29 GMT"   -- broken rfc850 HTTP format

 "03/Feb/1994:17:03:55 -0700"   -- common logfile format
 "09 Feb 1994 22:23:32 GMT"     -- HTTP format (no weekday)
 "08-Feb-94 14:15:29 GMT"       -- rfc850 format (no weekday)
 "08-Feb-1994 14:15:29 GMT"     -- broken rfc850 format (no weekday)

 "1994-02-03 14:15:29 -0100"    -- ISO 8601 format
 "1994-02-03 14:15:29"          -- zone is optional
 "1994-02-03"                   -- only date
 "1994-02-03T14:15:29"          -- Use T as separator
 "19940203T141529Z"             -- ISO 8601 compact format
 "19940203"                     -- only date

 "08-Feb-94"         -- old rfc850 HTTP format    (no weekday, no time)
 "08-Feb-1994"       -- broken rfc850 HTTP format (no weekday, no time)
 "09 Feb 1994"       -- proposed new HTTP format  (no weekday, no time)
 "03/Feb/1994"       -- common logfile format     (no time, no offset)

 "Feb  3  1994"      -- Unix 'ls -l' format
 "Feb  3 17:03"      -- Unix 'ls -l' format

 "11-15-96  03:52PM" -- Windows 'dir' format 

Can you please advice something.

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I'd take a strong look at Boost.Date_Time. Date-time input/output looks like what you want.

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Ohhh, unfortunately I cannot use boost in my project. Just C++ and stl –  Nikita Oct 7 '10 at 14:12
@Nikita: In that case, could you outline your restrictions in more detail? Nobody here is going to write a routine for you, and our best suggestions on how to code this aren't going to be better than what you can do, so the best thing is to recommend a third-party library. If you can't use a freely available third-party library with an extremely unrestrictive license, what can you use? –  David Thornley Oct 7 '10 at 16:23
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I'm not aware of any non-boost solution. You may have to fall back on istringstream and roll your own. It shouldn't be too difficult, just make sure to have a good set of test cases for the parser.

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Try the time_get facet class. The public functions


return you date data and checking on the condition what format of date you want to display, you can display the date in that format accordingly.

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