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Today i'm using crystal reports to create parameterized forms and save them into PDF, but isn't there other alternatives?

What i want to do? Well, simply have a form with information "placeholders" (that's how i'm using crystal) ... then in code i set the placeholder data to be binded ... Save as PDF and voila...

But crystal is a pain to maintain and the fields don't grow automatically.

Thank U All.. Tiago.

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There are multiple ways to generate PDF's without Crystal. iTextSharp is one. You can also use XSL Formatting objects to do with a transform

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Why not use ASP.NET page it self as a template - you can use various controls (including templated ones such as grid view, repeater) and then bind data using usual data-binding ways. User server.execute to run the page and capture html output. Now convert it to PDF using numerous tools/libraries (e.g. ABCPdf.Net) that are available for the same.

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