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I need to create an audit to track all CRUD events for all the tables in a database , now i have more than 100 tables in the DB , is there a way to create the specification which will include all the tables in the DB ?

P.S : I am using SQL Server 2008

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Change Data Capture

You can use the Change Data Capture functionality mechanism provided by SQL Server 2008.


Note that this will only do Create, Update and Delete.

Triggers and Audit tables

Even for 100 tables, you can use a single script that will generate the audit tables and the necessary triggers. Note, that this is not a very good mechanism - it will slow down the control will not be returned unless the trigger execution is complete.

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This feature requires Enterprise Edition. –  Joe Stefanelli Oct 7 '10 at 14:49
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Found a way to create Database Audit specification , wrote a c# code that dynamically generated sql statement for all the tables and all the actions I needed and executed the resultant string. Frankly the wizard provided is no help at all if you are creating a Database Audit Specification for more than a couple of tables.

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