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I'm using the "manual" document class of Sphinx and I'm quite happy with how the Latex Output looks like, except for the page header. It contains the title of my paper, as well as a "Release 1".

Since I'm writing a paper and not a documentation, I clearly don't need the release information. Unfortunately, it is very hard to find information on how to customize Sphinx latex output.

Does somebody know how to do it?

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To suppress the release info at the top of your Latex output, you need to set the release and latex_elements['releasename'] to empty strings in your So you might add or modify something like this in

release = ''
latex_elements = { 'releasename': '' }

Then the release info will be hidden.

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There will still be a comma in the page header, e.g. "My Project, ". – ntrrgc Aug 25 '14 at 14:28

You can use stopwords - Stopwords are the words that will not be indexed.

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I'm sorry, think you misunderstood the question. My question is about the Sphinx documentation generator, not the search engine. – theDmi Oct 10 '10 at 15:17

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