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I may be forced into using a tiff image on a webpage.

Do most modern browsers handle tiffs. Are there any gotchas?

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If you're using Safari, you're good... otherwise, good luck

Here is some further reading using the AlternaTiff (workaround)

However, since you're using ASP.NET, maybe you can convert the Tiff to a Jpg in the backend

reference this so question

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Personally I rock the PNG's as much as possible. –  Chase Florell Oct 7 '10 at 14:53

Browsers don't do tiff generally. However alternatif is a pretty good and free solution for displaying tiffs.

You might also consider converting the tiff to somethings else on the back end and on the fly.

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I was given a similar requirement, and solved it by converting the TIFF into a JPEG server-side and then supplying the option to ZOOM, at which point I would obtain a larger copy.

There is limited browser support for TIFF files and they tend to be more much, much larger than the equivalent JPEG.

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