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on glassfish v 3.0.1, I use to get a too many open file exception raising after a while. The file descriptor limit is set to 1024 for the glassfish user that launch the server. I wonder if there is a recommended file descriptor limit to avoid this annoying exception. Just met me know. Thanks

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IMO, there is no "universal" value, it depends on things like the host(s), your app, the number of clients...

In the Chapter 5 Tuning the Operating System and Platform, they show how to set it to 8192 on Solaris which seems to be a reasonable first step.

See also Thread: "Too many open files" error in Linux.

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Thanks, we will try various configurations and if it stable will let you know. – Alexandre GUIDET Oct 12 '10 at 13:52

The link in Pascals reply is dead. Go to File Descriptor Settings for how to do this on Solaris. It's pretty straightforward, just remember that if you make the change using ulimit alone, the change doesn't persist.

Also the jvm option -XX:+MaxFDLimit might be what you want, but again appears to be Solaris specific. I haven't tried using this particular option.

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