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CSS3's column-module allows you to divide your text into a multiple columns. Either by

1) specifying the column-height property (all columns will have the same author-defined height, the column count is dynamic)


2) specifying the column-count property (all columns have the same computer-generated height, the number of columns is defined by the author).

What I would like to have is option 1, but instead of having the columns next to each-other I'd like to have them underneath each other. This way they wouldn't really be columns, but more like rows with a defined height.

This way the text will be divided into pages of all the same height. (Like when you print out a webpage.)

Any ideas on how to achieve this? ( My project only requires webkit-support. )

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Couldn't you achieve much the same by just using paragraphs and specifying a height? –  David Thomas Oct 7 '10 at 17:52
Well sometimes the 'text' exists out of multiple paragraphs, sometimes it includes images, lists, etc. It's very dynamic and I can't force it to fit into a specific height. That's why the multi-column think works great: it automatically wraps the content to fit. – Only thing is, I want rows instead of columns. –  Marc Oct 10 '10 at 14:59

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The column module won't do that. You would be better off declaring a class on a div with the a declared height. If you're looking for dynamic columns, you may need to do some programming via js or php.

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I guess using Javascript might be a solution. I can probably calculate where to chop off the text and put each chunk in a separate DIV. – Any ideas on where to start? –  Marc Oct 10 '10 at 15:02
That way lies insanity. Basically you're trying to create CSS3 paged media queries with an extension for column handling. Paged media queries aren't supported even in edge browsers yet. –  Michael Mullany Oct 11 '10 at 3:19

By the way, I did play with the following idea which sort of works:

  1. Use a multi-column DIV to split the text into different same-height chunks.
  2. Copy the multi-column DIV X times, where X = number of generated columns.
  3. On each DIV, only show one column. (by using overflow: hidden and a width)
  4. Position the columns so they are underneath each-other.

This works, but is VERY slow as you can imagine.

Perhaps there's a way to show the same multi-column DIV multiple times with different view-ports, without copying the whole DOM tree?

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JS seems like the way to go. Check out this jQuery function from the Filament Group. Masonry might be of interest too.

// make columns equal height
function equalHeight(group) {
  tallest = 0;
  group.each(function() {
    thisHeight = $(this).height();
    if(thisHeight > tallest) {
      tallest = thisHeight;
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