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I work in the django IPython-shell, which can be started with manage.py shell. When i load an extern function in the shell for testing, everything is alright. But when i make changes to the function, the shell still has the old version of the function. Even if i make a new import.

Does anyone know how to reload the actual version of the function?

Thanks in regards!

Edit: I use windows - if that makes a difference.

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The reload function will not work with django. See: stackoverflow.com/questions/890924/… –  Hovis Aug 23 '11 at 1:36

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I reload the module by remove it from the the sys.modules and make a new import.

import sys
import your.module
# or
from your.module import your_function
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try using built in "reload" function on desired module.


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I wrote a script that works pretty well for reloading modules in IPython.

It is based on the technique in wrongite's answer above where you remove the module from sys.modules then reimport it.

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