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Our development servers are on Amazons EC2.

We would ideally like the following:

PHP 5.3.x Oracle Drivers mHash mCrypt Apache

Does anyone have a recommendation on a good place to get a stack that would meet most of those needs with a minimum of additional configuration?

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For updated base AMI's you can check Ubuntu canonical AMI's found at Eric's site:

The Amazon AMI was also release if you prefer CentOS distro.

For security reasons, I suggest you build your own LAMP stack.

Of course there are many existing LAMP AMI's you can find.

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We are bootstrapping our instances using chef and a service called Scalarium. Depending on what we setup and configure, it takes up to 8 minutes for the instance to become operational.

Feel free to check out my chef recipes, specifically the one for php-fpm:

I'm also working on a custom php5 debian package to speed up the PHP installation.

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